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Hi! I’m Allie, owner and operator of The Brow Boss and Licensed Esthetician since 2009.
I began in the beauty industry with my first job at 16 sweeping hair in a hair salon and hungry to learn everything about the beauty world that I could. When I learned I could make people feel beautiful inside and out as an occupation, I immediately enrolled at
GCI in Murfreesboro, in Tennessee. 
Soon after graduation I moved to Northern Virginia and began working for a company that offered eyebrow waxing, and shaping and quickly realized I loved helping people regrow and reshape their brows from years of over waxing or tweezing. 
In June 2018 I finally opened The Brow Boss!
Here I specialize in eyebrow shaping, waxing, and rehabbing. I will map your eyebrows every service to insure you are receiving the shape that will fit your face. 
I love a good natural brow that makes every one feel clean and put together!

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